2016 TST vs. TT Challenge: The Winner is……..

Thank you to all who participated and rocked this challenge! It was another fun and successful #TeamShaunT vs. #TeamTony Challenge! Great job everyone!

Week 8: Be Proud and Inspire

Week 8 Challenge: ‪#‎BeProudandInspire‬: This is our final week of the challenge. This week I want you to BE PROUD of what you have accomplished and shout it to the ...

Week 7: Push Up Challenge!

  Week 7 Challenge: ‪#‎V4UPushUpChallenge‬: This week we are going to going to go back to inspiring others and helping them see the fun in fitness by participating along with you ...


Body Beast Build Legs Workout: How’s Your Form?

  This is a KILLER LEG WORKOUT!  Are you doing it with ...

4 Star Diamond….AND Rising!

Our Newest 4 Star Diamond Coach. Team V4U is on the Rise! ...

Beachbody Performance Line, IS HERE!


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Week 6: Shake It Up

Welcome to Week SIX of the Challenge! Last week we raised awareness for Parkinson’s with the #WallSquat4Parkinsons Challenge. You all did an outstanding job getting people involved and holding those wall squats as long as they could!  Week 6 Challenge: ‪#‎ShakeItUp‬: This week we are going to focus on keeping our health & fitness improving by keeping our bodies […]

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Week FIVE: #WallSquat4Parkinsons

Welcome to Week FIVE of the Challenge! Last week we focused on what’s in between our ears and you all did a great job with the #FitMind Challenge! This week we are going to just SIT….kinda. This week’s challenge is a bit selfish for me. I want you all to help me raise awareness about […]

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Week Four: FIT MIND.

Welcome to Week Four of the Challenge! Last week we focused on getting others up and off the couch and moving, this week it’s all about what’s in between our ears! Our MINDS are a vital part of any successful health and fitness journey. If you forget to exercise the mind you run a greater risk of […]

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Week Three: Motivational Miles

Welcome to Week THREE of the Challenge! In the first two weeks we let you get your feet wet with the challenge and not have you do anything too demanding or uncomfortable… that is going to start changing here in Week three! Week 3 Challenge: ‪#‎Motivational Miles‬: This is one of my personal favorites. Gather up a […]

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My Fitness Hero, My Mom.

My Mom was my first “Fitness Hero”. When I was a kid, I would wander downstairs early in the morning for breakfast and find my mom in the living room working out to her Jane Fonda video. She’d get up early to make sure she got it in before her other “mom duties” and still […]

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Welcome to Week TWO of the Challenge! I hope you had a great week one and really dialed into the group, your fellow participants and your coach. Many of you posted your #MakeItPublic post on BOTH the group page and your public wall, WAY TO GO! I know that can be a pretty scary thing to […]

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2016 #TeamShaunT vs. #TeamTony Challenge: WEEK ONE

Welcome to the 4th Annual #TeamShaunT vs. #TeamTony Challenge! I hope that you are as excited about the next 8 weeks as your V4U Coaching Team is! This challenge has produced some amazing success stories in years past, and I expect this year to be no different. Please watch the video above to gain a […]

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Join Me for 22 Minute Hard Corps! Get Some!

  GET “BOOT CAMP FIT” FROM HEAD TO TOE WITH THE QUICK, MILITARY-INSPIRED, NO-NONSENSE WORKOUT. If you’re willing to step up and commit to spending 8 weeks with Tony Horton and 22 Minute Hard Corps™, you’ll walk away Boot Camp Fit—even in the best shape of your life. It won’t just give you a mission-ready […]

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